Youth Inclusion And Dialogue Through Sports

27 January 2014
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Youth Exchange – Youth Inclusion And Dialogue Through Sports

Aim: The main aim of this youth exchange was to assist 30 young people from United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ireland to explore the uniqueness and rallying force of sports to break racial, socio-cultural, religious boundaries and barriers.

‘YIDS’ Objectives were to:

  • Encourage dialogue by young people through the use of sports as a focal and rallying point for inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities;
  • Encourage and increase participation of marginalized groups, especially women/girls and minority groups in dialogue through sporting activities to break down walls and barriers to socialization and cultural harmony by creating awareness, intercultural dimensions and the use of sporting activities, processes, working methods, and also encourage participants to participate on an equal basis;
  • Facilitate inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in sports related projects and activities which is one of the important priority ideals of European Commission; encourage networking activities and also create chances for future partnerships and projects in support of ‘Inclusion and Dialogue through Sports’;
  • Renew calls to all to integrate young people with fewer opportunities, and make good on Europe 2020 strategy commitments – with no rooms for persistent social stigmatization, marginalization and exclusion of minorities.

Themes: ‘YIDS’ Youth Inclusion and Dialogue through Sport (Informal Training/Sporting activities.

Methodology: Non formal training process involved the use of role plays, sports, exercises, games; active learning methods, educational tools, outdoor activities, group building activities, simulation, and info sessions to engage participants.

Besides training sessions, seminars and workshops “YIDS” encouraged interactions, case studies, practical involvement and participation in pedagogical techniques such as discussions, buzz – groups, group work, and presentations, etc.

Place of Implementation:Lakeside Cumbria, United Kingdom
Duration:18-24 August 2013
Main activities:Youth Exchange
Organizer:Vision 2020 Leadership Initiative, United Kingdom
Partner Countries:United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Ireland, Turkey

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