Seminar "We are not different"

25 January 2016
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Seminar “We are not different”

Place of implementation: Cristuru-Secuiesc, Romania
Duration:14-17 January 2016
Number and profile of participants:30 young people from Romania and Hungary
Type of activity:Seminar, workshops, discussions, presentations
Theme:Human rights; Social participation, activity, volunteering; Democratic way of thinking, democracy; Disadvantaged social layers; European Union - rights, obligations, equality interest enforcing, representing interests.

The main objective of the seminar was to enhance and strengthen the social responsibility among young people in terms of reducing the discriminatory elements and stereotypes towards socially disadvantaged people. Our goal was to educate young people a sense of responsibility and a sense of an active citizen position, by introducing them to the fundamental rights of disadvantaged people and to inspire them to become agents and protectors of disadvantaged peoples’ rights.

Our short-term goal was to raise awareness regarding their rights and obligations. By raising their level of solidarity and tolerance, we tried to induce a behavior of respect and acceptance for the other and different examples of tolerance among their friends and peers.

Each activity was designed to fit into the requirements of the project activities, as well as to improve the personal and professional competences of the youth workers at individual and community level.

During the seminar, additional matters were discussed such as: the rights of young disadvantaged people in Romania, Hungary and on European level, as well as cooperation and good practices.

During the seminar, another seven local youth organizations were invited to present their activities, projects, goals and good practices. Youth unemployment was also discussed during the seminar, in particular: causes, factors, policies and ways to overcome it. In the context of the seminar, topics such as social responsibility, volunteerism, national and European youth policies, views and ways of thinking, the formation of European concepts and human rights were discussed. The methodology used during the seminar could be disseminated by organizations in their own countries during different events and projects.

In terms of awareness and dissemination, we sent press releases to the media and published the assessments of each participant on our website. The Erasmus + visualization was applied to all materials and presentations.

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