Training Course - Volunteering Is Forever

24 April 2019
24 April 2019, Comments Comments Off on Training Course – Volunteering Is Forever
Training Course: Volunteering Is Forever

Aims and Objectives: Society changes at a rapid pace. The concept and practice of volunteering doesn’t escape these changes as different needs appear or new volunteers require a diverse approach. For this reason, the approaches towards volunteering structures needed to be flexible and adapted to the needs and expectations of the organization and the volunteers. We thought that there was a need for organizations to debate this issue and take time to find this balance through a solid cooperation between the (future) volunteers and the organization. The main aim of this project was to empower youth organizations, volunteers and youth workers to improve the quality of volunteering in their daily reality.

 The specific objectives for this training were:

  • Debate, share and reflect on key questions, challenges and opportunities for volunteering;
  • To adopt new methods and tec hniques of volunteer management;
  • To support organizations in implementing of good practice in their involvement of volunteers;
  • Empower volunteers to become self-directed active volunteers;
  • Find new and exciting methodologies on how to activate and motivate volunteers;
  • To improve the quality of the work and develop the competencies of youth organization in supporting young volunteers and in the development of their potentials;
  • To create a practical output compiling the results of the training [e.g . a website describing the process and the outcomes of the project];
  • To promote the use of the Youth in Action Programme as a tool for the work with young people.

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