Activity 3: Digitization of Materials (March-May 2018)


The activity is related to content selection and processing of the following materials history, texts, pictures, audio, video, translations. The goal is a digital product to be made (on the base of the collected data); choosing the proper design and architecture for the product; integration of the Product.


IT experts team together with projects teams digitalized the gathered materials. We conducted several technical; tests for early feedback from potential consumers. After the tests, we made several refinements – utilization of google map aiming better localization of the objects. We have added comments option, where consumers can add remarks, photos, and information. Methods: interface development and graphic design, digitalization of materials, integration, product testing.


  • All the collected information is processed and digitalized;
  • Getting the general public acquainted with facts, stories and the architecture used between the two world wars, and its presence nowadays;
  • Start of an extensive discussion about the modern urban environment, compared to the one 100 years ago.

Development and testing of the platform.

Sites Bulgaria

  1.  The Royal Palace, Sofia
  2.  St. Nedelya Church
  3.  Ivan Vazov National Theatre
  4.  National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria
  5.  Lion’s Bridge
  6.  The Cathedral of St. Joseph
  7.  Church of St. Paraskeva, Sofia
  8.  Sofia Synagogue
  9.  Vrana Palace
  10.  Arabakonak
  11.  Central Sofia Market Hall
  12.  Central military club, Sofia
  13.  Sofia Central Mineral Baths
  14.  The Royal Stables, Sofia
  15.  The Royal Railway Station


Sites Germany

  1.  Reichstag building
  2.  Tränenpalast
  3.  Bebelplatz
  4.  Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
  5.  Funkturm
  6.  Adlon
  7.  Ministry of Aviation
  8.  St. Mary’s Church, Berlin
  9.  Hackesche Höfe
  10.  Hackescher Markt
  11.  Hamburger Bahnhof
  12.  Spandau Citadel
  13.  Schloss Tegel
  14.  Messe Berlin
  15.  Bellevue Palace


Sites Poland

  1.  Kozłówka Palace
  2.  Legnickie Pole
  3.  Silesian Parliament
  4.  Kraków Cloth Hall
  5.  The Royal Castle, Warsaw
  6.  The Golden Gate Gdansk
  7.  Poznań Town Hall
  8.  The Great Synagogue, Białystok
  9.  The Town Hall, Gdańsk
  10.  The Polish Post Office Siege
  11.  Stutthof Death Camp
  12.  Garnizon district
  13.  St. Nevsky Cathedral, Warsaw
  14.  The Jewish Ghetto in Kraków
  15.  Free City of Danzig


Sites Romania

  1.  Palace of Culture – Iasi
  2.  Prison Doftana, Muntenia
  3.  Mihai Eminescu Memorial House
  4.  Sinaia Casino
  5.  Constanța Casino
  6.  Victoria Palace, Bucharest
  7.  Palace of Culture, Ploieşti
  8.  Romanian Athenaeum
  9.  The Arch of Triumph in Bucharest
  10.  Mogoșoaia Palace
  11.  The Royal Palace of Bucharest
  12.  Palace of National Military Circle
  13.  The National Museum “George Enescu”
  14.  Village Museum, Bucharest
  15.  Timisoara Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

Sites Latvia

  1.  Cinema “Splendid Palace”
  2.  Galerija Centrs
  3.  Riga Central Market
  4.  VEF (State Electrotechnical Factory)
  5.  Rundāle Palace
  6.  Jelgava Palace
  7.  Daugavpils fortress
  8.  The House of Blackheads
  9.  Latvian National Theatre
  10.  The Great Choral Synagogue
  11.  St. Peter’s Church
  12.  Riga Ghetto
  13.  Latvian War Museum
  14.  Salaspils concentration camp
  15.  Chocolate Factory “Laima”

Sites Hungary

  1.  Dohány Street Synagogue
  2.  Sándor Palace
  3.  Comedy Theatre of Budapest
  4.  Hotel Astoria
  5.  Matthias Church
  6.  Heroes Gate, Szeged
  7.  Kazinczy Street Synagogue
  8.  Buda Castle
  9.  Budapest Ghetto
  10.  Hospital in the Rock
  11.  Royal Palace of Gödöllő
  12.  Gresham Palace
  13.  Hungarian Parliament Building
  14.  Hotel Gellért
  15.  Chain Bridge, Budapest

Sites Serbia

  1.  Kasarna VII Puka
  2.  Stari dvor
  3.  The House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
  4.  Krsmanović House
  5.  Stone Palace
  6.  Novi dvor
  7.  Hotel Moscow, Belgrade
  8.  Nikola Pasic’s House
  9.  Sombor Old Barracks
  10.  Preparandija
  11.  Holy Trinity Square, Sombor
  12.  King Peter I House
  13.  Palace of the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  14.  Crveni Krst concentration camp
  15.  The Royal Palace, Belgrade


Action 1: Partners meeting
Action 2: Meeting with experts
Action 4: Educational activities
Action 5: Public activities
Action 6: Final Conference
Action 7: Dissemination