Action 6 - Final conference

Activity 6: Final conference 20-24.02.2019

In the time period, 20-24.02.2019 was held the conclusive conference of the project. At the meeting were present 35 participants from Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Latvia. In the teams, there were representatives of the partnering organizations as well as participants in the project’s activities, volunteers, young people, historians, museum associates, and citizens.

During the meeting were presented the project’s activities – exploration of the historical buildings and the events connected with them, their look before and now (each partner showed the exploration of a particular country); local events – workshops and seminars, visits of monuments and sites, informational campaigns; meetings with historians and museum associates.

In front of the attendees was presented the virtual platform which includes 100 historical sites with information about the particular event, a visualization of the site in the time period between the two world wars, and its function now. The virtual platform will continue to exist after the project. Our goal is for it to be upgraded with new sites and historical facts.

During the meeting were discussed and debated problems like: studying of the contemporary European history in schools and universities (the need to study not only the national historical events but also that of the other European countries was highlighted); the popularization of the European history in the context of the contemporary events and investigation of its reflection on the life of the European citizens now.

At the end of the meeting was formed a team which will be responsible for the popularization of the project’s results after the project’s end and its multiplication. The recommendations after the end of the meeting are:

  • more profound work on distributing the products to the countries and institutions that are nor a part of the consortium;
  • engaging the public and the local institutions for deepening the process of conservation of historical sites and their preservation;
  • increasing the level of distribution of poorly known but fairly important historical sites and including them in the virtual platform.


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