Training`s, meetings, workshops

5 December 2018
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5 December 2018, Comments Comments Off on Training`s, meetings, workshops

Training`s, meetings, workshops
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Italy

Within two months, various events were held, in order to raise awareness among representatives of local institutions and youth organisations, working with young people. Various activities, such as meetings with experts, sports events aimed to emphasise the importance of physical activity and healthy behaviour. Local youth workers have visited schools, universities, youth and sports clubs and centres, volunteer organisations and conducted a number of information campaigns to promote sport and physical activity among young people and raise awareness of volunteering at the local level. Our main task was to teach them how to raise their peers’ awareness of the benefits of volunteering in sport. The project is also based on the various aspects of physical activity / sport for health – sport and its impact on young people, social inclusion through sport, and training through sport.


Various work tools were also proposed, such as:

  1. reference-information documents, explaining the benefits of increased physical activity;
  2. a self-assessment tool for sports organizations;
  3. an action planning tool that enables sports youth organizations and schools to cooperate effectively.

The project activities provided a unique opportunity for young people and volunteers to acquire knowledge and experience. Through their involvement in a wide range of activities, they have improved their core competencies and acquired a wide range of skills, such as teamwork and project management skills.

The activities took place in 5 countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Italy) and involved more than 200 young people.

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