Training courses and workshops

10 June 2018
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10 June 2018, Comments Comments Off on Training courses and workshops

Training courses and workshops
Palermo, Italy


The main purpose of the project was to encourage and activate pathways for social inclusion of the young people, set at risk of social marginality in the Palermo region, particularly in the region of Albergeria, through activities to support educational and didactic training, aimed at respecting compulsory education, intergenerational ties, social inclusion, learning skills and equal opportunities.

The project took place in 2 phases. The first phase involved the training of young people to act as mentors / preceptors. They were the representatives of youth organizations and structures. They went through a training course related to their work with young people at  risk of social exclusion or dropping out of the learning process. The second phase of the project was related to training and information campaigns for young people, placed in unequal social and educational levels. These activities were mainly carried out by mentors, trained in the first phase of the project. Both activities were mainly related to promoting the social inclusion of young people, especially women, by offering alternative forms of leisure time management and promoting their sense of belonging to the community. Last but not least, the aim of the initiative was to establish interpersonal educational relationships for raising, respecting and protecting the personality of young people and their way of learning.


  1. 2 training sessions were held – for youth employees and young people at risk of social exclusion;
  2. More than 60 young people from Palermo region were included;
  3. Improved skills of the youth employees to work with the target groups, by creating a methodology for work and interaction;
  4. Raised knowledge, skills and engagement of young people at the area;
  5. Increased participation and interaction between youth organizations, local authorities and young people at risk of social exclusion.


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