Training course

30 July 2018
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30 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on Training course

Training course
Sofia, Bulgaria


A training course with 25 youth trainers from IDA-Bulgaria and Mundus-Italy took place in the period 15-20.07.2018 in Sofia.

The training involved providing the necessary and adequate information to participants, young people, trainers (instructions), knowledge, skills and competencies to work with young people with disabilities and special needs. An additional focus of training was also on ways and methods of working with local and state institutions, employers, other NGOs, the media. The third phase of the training was related to advocacy and protection – youth leaders as mediators between young people with disabilities and responsible institutions.

The main result we have achieved was the exchange of experience and good practices in the socialization of young people with special needs in the partner countries through the provision of working methodology and activities related to direct work with people with disabilities.

The main activities planned for the training course were: interactive games, meetings with local specialists, working in the field of services for people with disabilities, guest-talk with lecturers, workshops, debates, creative activities for acquiring new knowledge and skills in the field of art with consequent application in practice and in the professional field in working with disadvantaged people, modeling and working with objects – presentation of different methods of integration and socialization, presentation of different means of inclusion disadvantaged people in different initiatives and activities.



  1. Training course with 25 youth workers;
  2. Proposed working methodology for the work of youth workers with the direct target group (young people with disabilities);
  3. Increased knowledge, skills and competencies of youth workers;
  4. Increased capacity of youth organizations to work with local authorities and institutions to shape policies for the integration of people with disabilities.


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