Training Course - Snap It, Tape It, Let's Talk About It

10 August 2019
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Training Course: Snap It, Tape It, Let’s Talk About It

Description: The training course “Snap It, Tape It , Let’s Talk About It” was held in Nis, Serbia from 30th July to 6th August 2019 and included participants from Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Malta, Italy, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina (3 participants from each country).

Overall objective: To contribute to the fight against exclusion of discrimination, racism and social exclusion.

Specific objectives:

  • To provide youth workers | peer educators | volunteers with theoretical knowledge and skills, and methods of intercultural communication and cultural diversity in work with young people, with special focus on the involvement of young people from socially excluded groups such as Roma;
  • Train volunteers | activists | youth workers how to use creative methods that are close to young people, such as photography and video production in intercultural communication and diversity of cultural projects;
  • To explore the concept of intolerance and discrimination against socially excluded groups and its significance in Europe today;
  • Train volunteers | activists of the youth workers to organize intercultural communication and diversity of cultural projects at local and European level;
  • To network people from different countries and to promote inclusion, tolerance and understanding between different ethnic groups.

The training had a variety of activities: Thematic workshops on intercultural communication, cultural diversity, cultural identity, integration and intercultural dialogue. Thematic seminars on the use of creative methods, such as photography and video prod uction in intercultural communication and cultural projects, diversity and Creative workshops – photo and video workshops, intercultural evenings.


 A video from the project: 

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