Training Course: Promoting Youth Emplpoyment - Policy And Action

1 October 2019
1 October 2019, Comments Comments Off on Training Course: Promoting Youth Emplpoyment – Policy And Action
Training Course: Promoting Youth Emplpoyment – Policy And Action

Aim: The project’s objective was to examine the challenges regarding the youth unemployment in terms of further European development as well as the policies and the strategies that currently address it. Focusing on this, the project assessed the effectiveness of employment creation strategies, examine the vocational educational systems and their contributions for increased capacity of youth employment, review the policies’ framework and the strategies for ameliorating the conditions for self employment and decent work.

The following objectives has been set in order to reach the aims as described above:

  • Supported young people’s entrepreneurship e.g. via targeted education, access to funds, mentoring and support networks and structures in favors of youth entrepreneurship;
  • Increased the participants’ professional skills, through the understanding of the entrepreneurship’s  inner structures and procedures, abilities for project management and organizational leadership skills, skills for multicultural team work, tolerance, understanding and dialogue;
  • Strengthened the social inclusion of young people, particularly those most disadvantaged: combat exclusion, precarious social conditions and marginalization;
  • Promoted intergenerational dialogue and solidarity and foster equal opportunities for all, especially those at risk of exclusion.

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