Training Course - No Boundaries, No Exclusion - 3RD Chapter

15 September 2019
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Training Course – No Boundaries, No Exclusion – 3RD Chapter

No Boundaries, No Exclusion – 3RD Chapter was the follow up to TCs organized in 2010 and 2011, supported by Youth in Action program. The project involved NGOs from EU countries, EEA countries as well as Neighboring Countries.

The aim of the project was to increase the number of initiatives under 3.1 Action and to develop joint project proposals on intercultural dialogue and inclusion of socially excluded groups through creative methods such as sport and games.

The objectives of the training course were as follows: to offer the young participants opportunity to experience the value of the intercultural training through sport and games, intercultural and anti – discrimination workshops, as well as new knowledge; to provide participants with the knowledge and skills of peer education methodology as a powerful form of non – formal education; to promote the values of sport such as fair play, team play, respect; to recognize games and sport as the instrument for people’s mutual understanding, mediation between the cultures and dissemination of the universal values; to provide participants with basic knowledge and information about Youth in Action program – youth exchanges, trainings and networking, EVS, Youthpass. The participants were youth leaders/youth workers/volunteers who are interested in intercultural dialogue and exchange with p eople coming from different countries and different background; interested in sport and games.

A video from the project:

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