Training Course - M.ED.E.A - Media Education Enhancing Acceptance

30 June 2019
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Training Course – M.ED.E.A – Media Education Enhancing Acceptance

Aim: The training course “M.ED.EA” was a part of the Youth in Action program action 4.3. Its main theme was the education in New Media and Information Technology with a view to their use as a tool for promoting human rights, democratic values, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion. During the 6 days of the program 33 participants from 7 European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Italy) were trained through interactive workshops, non-formal learning methods. They used different New Media such as electronic radio , online TV, online and newspaper internet social media as tools for intercultural dialogue. Through the program the young people understood that through Media information could be used  as an important tool for protecting human rights and social inclusion of people from social minority groups and the promotion of democratic values as the most important objective for the status of European citizen.


  • Training on the use of new Media;
  • The production and dissemination of new knowledge regarding the use of Technologies of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT);
  • The fruitful discussion about stereotypes reproduced by the media for various social groups [migrants, women, homosexuals, etc.];
  • The creative intercultural dialogue to combat the aforementioned stereotypes;
  • The design of future programs of social assistance and social integration using new Media;
  • Raising awareness on the principles and values of the European Union and members’ rights of European citizens;
  • The recognition of non-formal learning as a very useful tool for adult education;
  • Players opening a network among participants to promote the educational outcomes of the program and support future actions;

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