Training Course: Culture and Gender

12 June 2019
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Training Course: Culture and Gender


This training course was organized by JuBuK, Germany and was financed by the European program Youth in Action.

The main aim of this project was to contribute to the process of building tolerant integrated society based on respect for gender equality and cultural diversity using  active intercultural cooperation and dialogue. Raising the awareness of a group of youth leaders about the topic of gender identity and cultural diversity was important in order to support their development as youth workers and peer educators in this field in their communities. In this way, the training course  was focused both on supporting the target group of the project and on making further impact on the local communities involved.

Main theme of the training course was gender identity, particularly in the context of working with young people with different cultural backgrounds. The project tackled a large number of gender and culture-related issues and the ways they influenced the development and the work of young people. Examples for such issues were:

■ different gender roles;
■ how gender identity gets shaped and developed in life;
■ how different perceptions about gender roles can influence a young person;
■ which are the different gender identities;
■ what kinds of gender identity minorities can exist;
■ how a young person can be influenced by belonging to a minority;
■ what kinds of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination can exist based on gender identities;
■ how can they be threated;
■ how young people can be supported; and other questions.

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