Training course

10 December 2018
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10 December 2018, Comments Comments Off on Training course

Training course


The main purpose of the training was to introduce to young people basic concepts, such as social entrepreneurship, business plan, social enterprise. The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the main tools and the work of present and future social entrepreneurs. A number of successful examples of social enterprises around the world were identified during the meeting, which helped in solving a number of problems for modern young people.

During the meeting, participants were able to develop a concept project for an online application for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) suitable for youth work – mobile games for entrepreneurship and social skills. The project also provided guidance to youth employees and trainers on how to use mobile applications in youth training and counseling. During the training various mobile applications in the field of social entrepreneurship and career development were presented as: EVENT MASTER, My Tomorrow, Job-IQ, Glassdoor, Easy Career Planning, Slideshare.



  1. Established work methodology for the use of mobile applications and games in youth work for youth organizations and youth employees;
  2. 20 youth employees have been trained how to develop and use mobile applications themselves in their work;
  3. Increased capacity of youth workers to implement ICT in youth work and increase participation by young people through the provision of significant tools and training materials in all partner languages;
  4. Increased capacity of youth trainers to use mobile applications in out-of-school youth training;
  5. Providing national institutions and authorities with an innovative model for working with young people;
  6. Discovering current trends and opportunities for using mobile applications in learning.


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