Study visit

2 September 2018
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2 September 2018, Comments Comments Off on Study visit

Study visit


Between March and August 2018, a study visit was held at the Italian Futuro Digital organization in Teranova de Subari, southern Italy, for a 6-months stay. The various activities during the study visit were attended by 15 youth employees from Bulgaria and Italy. The main purpose of the study visit was to deepen the knowledge, skills and competencies of the youth employees for the development of young people’s careers, Italian / Bulgarian culture and traditions through the learning of new practical knowledge and skills.

The main activities were: 

  1. To strengthen the motivation and interest in working with clients through indoor and outdoor practice;
  2. To develop creativity, creative personality and collective thinking;
  3. Stimulating initiative and entrepreneurship by spreading the competences achieved, promoting events, films and photos.

A number of practical activities were also carried out, such as visits of companies and NGOs and familiarization with their activities and working methods; career centers and state institutions. Several practical workshops were held during the study visit on topics such as: Choosing a profession and career suitable for the labor market and the interests of young people; Providing career counseling and development in this area and opportunities for young people as an integral part of lifelong learning policy/guidelines.

As a result of the implementation of the internship program, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with different individual and common approaches and an assessment of the specific needs and peculiarities of the youth age, activating young people and mobilizing their participation in the processes of implementing the European policies.



  1. A 6-month internship program with 15 youth employees from Bulgaria and Italy was held;
  2. New knowledge, skills and competences were received in terms of integrating young people into the labor market – new methods, approaches and strategies;
  3. Practical workshops, discussions and working visits in different organizations and companies were held – these increased practical skills of the participants.


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