Study visit

15 January 2018
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15 January 2018, Comments Comments Off on Study visit

Study visit
Tirana, Albania


The study visit brought together 20 youth employees, 2 facilitators and 2 staff teams from 10 countries. Therefore, an exchange of tools and approaches for active participation of young people and means of influencing and exploring concrete youth works on local and national level , were the core elements of the study visit. To explore the meaning, relevance and implications of European citizenship in youth work in all its dimensions and into three main components (status, rights and responsibilities).

The main aims of the meeting were:

  1. The promotion of active citizenship to become a key policy concern in youths’ work. The one of the long-standing cornerstones of practice has been to “empower” young people through active participation. Much of this work was based on a rights-based approach of working with young people.
  2. To explore four dimension of citizenship (political, economical, cultural and social) for encouraging youth employee to take concrete action in society.



  1. 20 youth employees and youth organizations’ leaders were included
  2. Participants form 10 different countries were included
  3. The following issues were considered: youth employment, European citizenship, active youth participation
  4. There was an increase in interest of the youth employees in position of “mediators” of the youth’s message and ways of direct participation into the formation of youth’s policies at a national and international level.

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