Street actions, presentations, workshops - celebrate the Day of Europe

15 June 2016
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15 June 2016, Comments Comments Off on Street actions, presentations, workshops – celebrate the Day of Europe
Street actions, presentations, workshops – celebrate the Day of Europe
Place of implementation: Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia
Duration:01 - 30 May 2016
Number and profile of participants:350 Youth people and communities from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia
Type of activity:Street actions, presentations, workshops
Theme:Debate on European matters, EU policies or youth policies; Non-formal and informal learning and activity programmes targeted at young people; Capacity Building in Active Citizenship and Democracy; Local Democracy and Youth Participation

The aim of the initiative was to celebrate the Day of Europe as well as for young people to learn about the history of the European Union’s principles and values. The citizens have had the opportunity to get informed about the objectives and priorities of the EU and to participate in a debate in favor of European integration.

Various events, exhibitions, concerts, presentations and information days were conducted in 6 European countries where over 200 participants were directly involved and through media, news sites and materials more than 2,000 citizens indirectly involved.

The overall objective of these initiatives was the young people to learn about the European Union and the European institutions, as well as to participate in various initiatives. In Bulgaria, a workshop with 35 young people was held, using the methods of art to show different opinions and attitudes. At this art workshop, an exhibition on the topic was made, which was further spread among the citizens.

In Latvia, over 43 participants took part in a cycling tour around the monuments related to the victims of World War II and lectures and discussions on the topic were held.

In Romania, an information day in front of 45 University students was held, where the main emphasis was a debate regarding the opportunities offered by the European Union, rights and obligations of the citizens, as well as opportunities for mobility, education and volunteering.

In Italy, an information day among the citizens was held. As well as a presentation and a subsequent discussion about the meaning of citizenship, the common European concept, the role of the individual citizen to the general welfare of European society, were discussed.

In Estonia, 34 participants attended the information day, connected with the history of Estonia and the country’s participation in World War II and the contribution of Estonia in the formation of the European Union and its values. The participants had the opportunity to be acquainted with the historical aspects as well as to discuss topics such as: European citizenship and identity, European policies and programs.


– Promoting the Day of Europe as a key moment in the European history, highlighting the values and importance of united Europe;

– Creating lasting feelings among young people, that their opinion is important and that they are a part of one big family;

– Raising awareness of the fundamental rights and duties of citizens and their freedoms, their active citizenship and position.

A brief presentation of the Erasmus + program and its priorities connected to youth policies and active citizenship was made at all the events. A briefing of documents related to the Day of Europe such as the Declaration of Robert Schuman and other was also present.

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