Training course - Six Languages, One Culture

25 April 2015
25 April 2015, Comments Comments Off on Training course – Six Languages, One Culture

The project “Six cultures, one language” took place in Rødekro, Denmark between 08.04.2015 and 15.04.2015. The project involved 6 young people from every one of the participating countries – Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Serbia.


– To increase active citizenship

– To strengthen of friendship and mutual understanding through non-formal education and theater

– To provide opportunities to young people to join a group rampant (promoting social inclusion)

– Presentation of alternative solutions leisure The project highlights the need and importance of European citizenship, active participation of young people and cultural diversity as priorities of the Youth in Action program in the same frame by positioning the young people from different European countries.

Even if the participants come from different countries, they will contribute to facilitate mutual understanding and mutual respect.

During project implementation, various cultural activities were carried out. Moreover it increase the involvement of young people with a different cultural background and also it were develop a sense of belonging to a group by encouraging young people to participate in activities within a team.

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