Series of meetings and training's

10 August 2018
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10 August 2018, Comments Comments Off on Series of meetings and training’s

Series of meetings and training’s
Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey


APP4Skills – APPplication aimed to provide basic skills to disadvantaged young people by developing a web application, based on three main areas of everyday life with a set of activities to contribute to the development of their knowledge and skills. The objective of the project was also to support the integration of young people with disabilities by enhancing their competences and making them suitable for the labor market.

Two types of activities were conducted during the project: a meeting of experts to develop the application and test the application among the main target group. The main components of the activities were related to improving their literacy skills and enhancing their digital skills, raising their interest, motivation, flexibility and persistence in lifelong learning, correcting negative attitudes, such as lack of confidence, self-esteem or anxiety.

The project provided additional competencies to youth employees and trainers by providing them with new training tools in an informal context.

Last but not least, the project also contributed to improving creative thinking, solving real problems in different contexts, and developing pupils’ ability to share relevant ideas.



  1. A series of meetings and training’s with more than 100 participants took place;
  2. Suggested new methods and tools for the work of the youth workers with the target groups, with a view to their integration and social adaptation;
  3. Used new information technologies and applications to increase the knowledge and skills of disadvantaged people and their better integration into the labor market.


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