Project "Building healthy Communities, Changing Opportunities"

4 May 2018
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4 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on Project “Building healthy Communities, Changing Opportunities”

Project “Building healthy Communities, Changing Opportunities”
Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Poland and Cyprus


Building healthy Communities, Changing Opportunities is an international project with the participation of representatives from 5 European countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Spain and Cyprus).

The main purpose of the project was to uphold the volunteer activities in sports, together with the social inclusion and equal opportunities, by increase in participation and equal access to sports for everybody. With this project we have tried to approve the quality of life in our own countries, as also at an European and international level, by increasing of the sport activities, education for healthy life and sports culture and using sports as a means of education.

During the 3 months numerous of sports activities were held, as also meetings, discussions with young people with main topic volunteering in sports. One of the main activities was training of youth employees and creating a working methodology („Move and study“), as an instrument for achieving social change with the help of volunteering and sport. In all the activities have participated more than 150 young people at the territories of the different affiliate countries.



  1. Increased level of participation, equal access and movement abilities, sports and training (more than 150 young people included).
  2. Increased level of awareness concerning volunteering in organizing and held sports initiatives;
  3. Increased level of competences for popularization of sports culture and active participation in sport during the work with youth;
  4. Better awareness for usage of sports as an instrument for achieving life changes and sustainable social transformations as healthy behavior, youth participation, etc.

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