EVS Mentor Training - Progress

30 June 2019
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EVS Mentor Training: Progress

The general aim was: The general aim of the course was to support EVS mentors at the beginning of their career and to enable them to provide quality mentoring for their volunteers.

 The objectives were:

  • To deepen knowledge about and reflect upon the c oncept of mentoring;
  • To connect personal experience of being a volunteer/a mentee with the concept of mentoring, and transform this experience into practical ideas;
  • To overview the tasks of an EVS mentor and learn practical ideas, tools and methods to be abl e to carry out these tasks efficiently;
  • To experiment with tools and methods which can be used by mentors;
  • To deeply understand and explore the EVS framework, seeing the restrictions and possibilities inherent in the structure (EVS as a process: before – durin g – after, separating the role of the mentor and that of other parties involved in an EVS project, priorities of the program , inclusion issues, recognizing key competences, Youthpass, etc.);
  • To share experience, fears and doubts, just as well as good practi ces of mentoring; to word feelings and motivation;
  • To empower ‘beginner’ mentors to feel safe and competent, identifying the competences needed for a mentor, encouraging self – evaluation and the revision of strengths and weaknesses and offering resources to support further professional development;
  • To connect participants, creating a supporting “network of mentors” of them, which can be used also after the course.

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