Partnership Building Activity - YNET - Italy

29 May 2014
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The main objective of the project Young Net! was to create a new partnership consisting of European municipalities and NGOs, which could lay the groundwork for an institutional network with the aim to observe, analyze and elaborate joint project initiatives related to the condition of youth in Europe, specific issues such as the fight against youth unemployment and promotion of European citizenship.  The meeting lasted 5 days or 4 nights, and involved 17 people and it took place in Palermo in November 2013. The partnership had as characteristics to be transnational and extended, aimed at the needs of young people and built on their current needs, closely related to relevant issues. It seeked to build a strong network of communication and exchange of good practices among the countries involved, highlighting experiences, political circuit and especially data and information, on the strong belief that a solid knowledge base of juvenile condition Orient more effectively and efficiently the drafting of youth policy. Mutual understanding and exchanging experience of partners involved, from heterogeneous experiences, represented an enrichment for participants and activities for its membership associations/organizations, that thanks to the new partenatriato prepared new proposals under the youth in action programme, but also other European programmes such as Life Long learning, healthcare, etc. The Exchange involved youth workers (under 30 years), provided socialization activities, construction, field visits at stakeholders and youth associations.

Place of Implementation:Palermo, Italy
Duration:11-15 November 2013
Main activities:Partnership Building Activity
Organizer:Unione Degli Assessorati Alle Politiche Socio Sanitarie E Del Lavoro, Italy
Partner Countries:Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Estonia

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