Opportunities and Chances

25 May 2014
25 May 2014, Comments Comments Off on Opportunities and Chances

The project „Opportunities and Chances” – (OAC), held in Romania with partners from Portugal, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia, during 9 days as a part of the Youth in action Program, Action 3, sub-action 3.1 – Cooperation with the Neighboring Countries  – Youth Exchange project.

Every country lead 5 participants plus 1 leader and the aim of the project was to motivate young people to gain social competence and skills to be active citizens in society. The objectives of the project were to increase by at least 5% the percent of active participation, to inspire friendship and mutual understanding using non-formal education, to offer 36 young people for 8 days the chance to be part of a group and to learn more about different ways of spending free time.

Name activities and games, energizers and ice-breakers, workshops for understanding active participation, sightseeing, movie projection, intercultural evenings, evaluation meetings, team-building games are the activities of this project. Power point presentations, short movies presentations, group interaction, interviews are the methods that were used during project implementation.

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