International Youth Conference

15 July 2018
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15 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on International Youth Conference

International Youth Conference
Nis, Serbia


From 04 up to 07.07.2018 in the city of Nis, Serbia, an International Youth Conference was held, bringing together representatives of educational institutions, local and national authorities, media, NGOs from 8 European countries.

The aim of the project was to prevent the abuse of children and young people by paying more attention to the participation of men and boys in this process and to change the gender-based aspects / stereotypes that could lead to abuse.

A further objective of the meeting was to improve and increase the social responsibility of young people in reducing discrimination, gender equality and fighting against gender-based violence.

Through a set of capacity building and mobility activities, participants discussed art as a method of working with young people and how this art could be used in awareness and promotion campaigns. Specific methods were used: video, music, stop animations.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge they received, they learned to use specific interactive methods to address the problem, such as animation, art and music. As far as the youth dimension is concerned, project participants were young people, aged between 18 and 30 and were trained to be multipliers among young people in their countries.

During the activities, as well as all the advertising and presentation materials, an emphasis was placed on the importance of Erasmus + as a powerful tool for realizing youth projects in the field of art and intercultural understanding.


  1. Increased capacity of 40 youth workers from 8 countries, by providing new methods and tools in the fight against gender-based violence;
  2. Developed creative forms, such as stop animation, video and music productions as a tool to solve the problem;
  3. Raised public awareness of the problem of gender-based violence through informational campaigns and disseminated materials.


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