Initiative “Football with a cause”

22 July 2018
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22 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on Initiative “Football with a cause”

Initiative “Football with a cause”
Sofia, Bulgaria


“Football with a cause” is an annual initiative, which unites the young people in the name of the tolerance and mutual respect.
More than 200 young people were doing sports, took part in social causes and initiatives, and with the help of collected funds we have supported other young disabled people, as well as other disadvantaged people. During the year, 2 initiatives were held (12-13.01 and 19-20.07.2018).

During the events were collected over 20 000.00 BGN (Bulgarian leva) in support of children with oncological diseases. The initiative was supported by more than 15 sport clubs, national media, public figures, and young people. The initiatve was part of the 2018 campaign – Sofia – Euopean Sport’s capital. The main moto and the results from the sporting holiday are connected also with increasing of the public attention towards children and young people with health problems and moral support from the side of society. The campaign was held for the 8-th time, as a result of which, with the help of sports meetings and initiatives were collected and donated more than 150 000.00 BGN (Bulgarian leva).



  1. 2 sports tournaments were held, where more than 200 people participated – young people, sportsmen, public figures;
  2. The media interest was attracted to sports initiatives and such with public character in support of young disabled people;
  3. There was an increase of the public spirit towards the other prople’s problems, in particular to the disabled people
  4. There was an increase into public awareness, connected with the charity as a manner of empathy.

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