Informational campaigns, seminars, discussions, flash mobs, workshops

12 February 2018
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12 February 2018, Comments Comments Off on Informational campaigns, seminars, discussions, flash mobs, workshops

Informational campaigns, seminars, discussions, flash mobs, workshops
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria,  Albania, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia


During the period January-February 2018, at 6 European countries were held different initiatives, connected with the following topics: tolerance, gender equality problems, fight against violence and hate.

Different initiatives were held, as informational campaigns, seminars, discussions, flash mobs, workshops, at which took part more than 150 young people and over 1000 other people indirectly – citizens, other young people, media.

The activities were held simultaneously at 6 European counties, as each partner used different ways and methods – installations with torn clothes and messages attached, which were shown at the public transport (Bulgaria), workshops and live simulations of women, victims of home (Serbia, Albania), photo sessions of people victims of violence (Macedonia), flash mobs (Bosnia), videos (Austria).

The main message of the campaign was: “no to violence – physical and verbal” “no to violent speaking in all its forms and manifestations”. The additional goal of the initiative was to create and give an additional instruments, knowledge’s and abilities of the young people and youth employees, for the use of methods as: video, photo, music, stop animations, for encouraging the equality in genders and actions against violence.



  1. 6 national campaigns, connected with struggling against violence and equality between genders;
  2. Participation of more than 150 direct and more than 1000 indirect participants;
  3. participants gained skills on using video, music and stop animation, and they had the opportunity to express their views about gender equality and gender-based violence in a creative way and in this way further influence their peers – the creative tools they produced were of a high quality and with clear message. project boosted their own self-confidence as the concept videos, songs and stop animations they produced were presented at the European film festival and local mini film festivals. They got the sense of being a part of the bigger movement together with their peers from 8 countries;
  4. Project had specific impact on young people coming from socially excluded groups (such as roma, young people living below poverty line, from rural areas etc) as girls/women coming from these groups have even more traditional role than in general population.

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