Informational and discussion campaigns

15 June 2018
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15 June 2018, Comments Comments Off on Informational and discussion campaigns

Informational and discussion campaigns
Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Between March and June, 5 national informational and discussion campaigns were held in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Albania, involving more than 100 young people. The main purpose of the campaigns was to motivate youth employees and young people to participate more actively in the promotion of gender equality and the fight against gender-based violence.

The campaigns were aimed at promoting gender equality and raising awareness of violence, human and youth rights. Various thematically focused groups were conducted, in order to be raised the awareness among different countries. Besides the discussions and debates, the thematically focused groups aimed to develop a set of recommendations to be sent to the representatives of local government, police, social homes, public organizations and other non-governmental organizations.

As a result of the thematically focused groups, the young people gave some basic recommendations: setting up Information Centers for prevention and protection against domestic violence and gender-based violence; conducting year-round information campaign among the population; building a common Platform for action to protect against the domestic violence and gender-based violence; increased interaction between youth organizations and international organizations (Unicef, Animus) and state institutions.



  1. 5 national information and discussion campaigns conducted in 5 countries and over 100 direct participants;
  2. Young people’s attention to the issues of gender-based violence and the opportunities for tackling the problem through interaction between institutions and youth organizations was increased;
  3. The public awareness of the problem of gender-based violence through information days and campaigns was increased;
  4. A public discussion between young people / organizations and public authorities to work together to tackle the problem was started.


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