Information campaign

20 October 2018
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20 October 2018, Comments Comments Off on Information campaign

Information campaign
Five Bulgarian cities


Between 25.09 and 15.10.2018 an information campaign in five Bulgarian cities, named “Youth Caravan”, was conducted, which included more than 1500 Bulgarian young people. A specially designed bus passed through the cities and held an information campaign, spreading the ideas of volunteering and the opportunities of the Erasmus + program in this field.

In every city, a public event was organized for a day, under an EVS tent with promotional materials, games and questions. Additionally, young people got inspired to do voluntary work, to be active, and to search for more opportunities for self-development.

The main objective of the initiative was to enhance knowledge, skills and the experience of the young people in the field of volunteerism, as well as, awareness of the benefits and positive impact on the mental and physical health of young people by involving them in various volunteer initiatives.

The aim was to motivate various organizations and institutions to realize the benefits and the social prestige of enabling young people to volunteer, and the adoption of the good practice in organizations to self-promoted opportunities for voluntary work that they offer.

Sub-objectives were: To inform young people about European voluntary service; To raise awareness among young people on the opportunities that the Erasmus + program provides for youths.

The goal of the project activities was to recruit volunteers and incorporate them in volunteer activities. The target group consisted of students and disadvantaged young people at risk aged between 15 and 29. Parts of the target group were public and private institutions, acting as host volunteer organizations.


The results of the campaign were:

  1. Forming a national network of organizations that are working with volunteers and by enhancing their knowledge, skills and resources, we opt towards a targeted and effective implementation of volunteerism as means to achieve their goals.
  2. Increasing the activity and the motivation of the young people in different locations for the participation in various volunteer initiatives proposed and organized by themselves.
  3. Addressing specific needs of different target groups through planning, organizing and implementing of appropriate volunteering activities;
  4. Increasing the level of public popularity and the importance of volunteering in local communities;
  5. During the activities, as well as on all advertising and promotional materials emphasis was placed on the importance of the Erasmus + program and the opportunities offered by the program with respect to volunteering.


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