Film festival under the project "It's Time!"

10 March 2018
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10 March 2018, Comments Comments Off on Film festival under the project “It’s Time!”

Film festival under the project “It’s Time!”
Kavadarci, FYROM


Capacity building activity – film festival within “It’s Time!” project was organized in Kavadarci, Macedonia from the 1st to 4th of March 2018 where videos, stop motions and songs on gender equality and fight against gender based violence from 8 participating countries were presented. KOM 018 – Club for Youth Empowerment 018 / Klub za osnaživanje mladih 018 from Serbia, in cooperation with Crveni Križ NOVO SARAJEVO from Bosnia and Herzegovina, @SPPMD Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency from Macedonia, International Development Alliance (IDA) Network from Bulgaria, @Do-Lo-Ri from Albania, Πράσινες Διαδρομές ΚοινΣΕπ Greenways Social Cooperative Enterprise from Greece, Tolikas Media Company from Austria and @Art Republic Prague from Czech Republic, implemented the project “It’s Time!”, with the overall aim to motivate youth employees and young people to get more involved in the promotion of gender equality and combat gender-based violence.

During the festival, 8 short video pieces were presented on the theme (1 by each country). The main message of the festival was the topic of Non-Violence, gender equality, respect for human rights. The direct participants were 50 young people from 8 countries and indirect local residents as well as other young people and citizens (due to the online nature of the product).



  1. An International Film Festival with more than 50 young people from 8 European countries was held;
  2. Represented major topics of society such as: fighting violence in all its forms and manifestations, tolerance, respect for rights, with the help of video material, discussions, comments;
  3. Launched public discussion on domestic violence, violence against children and young people, internet violence.
  4. Increased young people’s interest in the issue of the impact of social media and the Internet and verbal abuse.


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