Different But Not Indifferent: The Other Me

5 May 2014
5 May 2014, Comments Comments Off on Different But Not Indifferent: The Other Me

“Different But Not Indifferent: The Other Me” was a project aimed to breaking down of the prejudices and consider them under a different perspective.

Despite today’s society is becoming increasingly multi-ethnic, there are still very disparaging attitudes towards “different” cultures, as well as a strong tendency to marginalize certain groups of people, putting in place discriminatory attitudes: gays, Muslims, elderlies, women etc…. The main issue that allows this, is the persistence of some kind of stereotypes, which often create very problematic prejudices: prejudice is one of the strongest elements connected to issues like poverty and exclusion.

This project gathered together 30 young people from different regions of Europe and from Mediterranean area, in order to give them the chance to test how are different their perspectives about the others culture and people, and develop a strong feelings of tolerance towards the other cultures, according to their cultural, historical, social and economical background.

 The project was addressed the topic of prejudice in 7-days activities through the use of non-formal education and three workshops activities: photos, laboratory of creation, simulation and role games, and it will take place in Lecce (Italy).

Place of Implementation:Lecce, Italy
Duration:10–16 April 2014
Main activities:Youth Exchange
Organizer:Association Oxigen
Partner Countries:Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia

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