DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe

14 June 2014
14 June 2014, Comments Comments Off on DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe
Mid-Term International Seminar: DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe

DECIDE aims at developing, through the establishment of a thematic network of towns and by adopting a bottom-up approach, a democratic compact, namely a set of measures that are needed in Europe to increase the quality of democracy and citizen participation.

These measures will be identified, exchanged, further elaborated and tested by all the project partners. The partnership is composed of 24 partners from 14 countries: 4 countries of the “old” EU15, 6 countries accessing the EU between 2004 and 2007 and 4 IPA countries. This will allow an enriching exchange among partners with different track record in the EU and will contribute to develop a sense of belonging to a common “house”.

Activity 3: Mid-term International Seminar

  • To exchange and debate the proposed measures for the democratic compact
  • To create a first draft of the “democratic compact”
  • To define a concrete action plan and subdivision of roles for the testing phase
  • To exchange, define and agree testing methods and standard tools
  • To further enhance partners’ competencies on participatory mechanisms
  • To duly launch and promote pilot testing phase
  • To further strengthen synergies and partnerships with other stakeholder;


Official page of the project: DECIDE

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