Delia Cristiana in "My Story With IDA" - Developing Youth Participation Projects at Local and Regional Level

23 October 2014
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Delia Cristiana is from Romania and she took part in the training course “Developing Youth Participation Projects at Local and Regional Level” implemented by International Development Alliance in Bansko, Bulgaria. We invited her to give us her story and she said with great pleasure “Yes”. And here is her story:

Active youth participation…2013 best memories!!!

by Delia Cristiana


So, here I am again in Romania, one week after Bansko…I was pleased to be part in one of the most interesting projects, an International Youth Training Course, organised by IDA TEAM. The name of the project was “Active Youth Participation” and took place in Bansko, Bulgaria from 13th -21st September 2013. 

I can say that I had the time of my life, so now it is time to share with you my amazing experience!

It was an international youth training course that gave the opportunity to 35 young people (youth workers, youth leaders, facilitators, activists, trainers) to develop their understanding of necessary conditions for youth participation and to increase their understanding of youth participation in its different dimensions: decision making, youth policy lobbying, NGYO’s programmes & activities.

The participants experienced typical challenges in youth participation projects and coaching groups of young people.

The project was organized by International Development Alliance, Bulgaria in partnership with 8 European youth organizations from the following countries: Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Greece, United Kingdom, Spain.

The aim of the training course was to improve the quality of youth participation projects in European countries by developing young people and youth workers competences in the field of project management and youth participation trough non-formal education training. The training course “Active Youth Participation” was realized with the financial support of the European Commission, “Youth in Action” Programme, Action 4.6. We spent 8 lovely days in Bansko, at Green Wood Hotel, with people from different countries and cultures, exchanging our experiences and working together in groups. We shared our good practices, opinions, educational tools, materials related to youth participation projects. We had the opportunity to design a youth participation project to implement as a follow-up of the training and worked with concrete tools and criteria to assess quality in participative projects.


Also, we learned other interesting things, such as:

■ Youmushumac is the synonym for “to knead” in english

■ Julio Iglesias has soo many songs (played only in the restaurant of Green Wood Hotel)

■ “Never have I ever” can be a very challenging game

■ No matter what….we still have time…for everything!

■ A nigerian song
■ A few bulgarian words etc.
I will always remember G.’s (G is the trainer of the project) words: “Please stand up! And make a circle!” (and other best advice); Alexandra and Nico…my girls; Laura….the energy; Miguel doing Youmushumac; the pleasant disscusions with Stan…”Ce faci maaa?”; “Bine maaa; Tu ce faci?”; “Foarte bine maaa”; Danny and Dracula; Mustache….for the ones who know this inside joke; Kyros singing Vivo Per Lei; the dance I had with Tatjiana on Billie Jean…(“she” is not my son); Margarita and her story; Jarda with…Laura Andresan; Dalibor and mazurka; Ani and the laaaaw; Aneta and the french…”Je ne parlais pas francais”; Mireia and her smile; Alex with his rap flow; Noemi with the computer…; Ana La Bruja; Gbenga and Emese with their life experiences; Joyful Jenny; Zina, Hristina …IDA Team rullz; Claudia and her style; Andres…Harlem Shake; Lilla….matrioska; Nikoleta…and her book; Eugenia…and her ideas; Arthur..Airike..; Larisa…whisky and milk…
 I539756_620590647964035_501383701_nf you want to find more about this experience, you can write me or you can look at the 285 pictures that are in my Facebook Album: Active youth Participation (13th sept- 21th sept 2013) :D. As to conclude, I want to thank you all again, because you were (and are) amazing!!! And for IDA TEAM…you are the best team ever!!! Certainly, I will come to your future projects!!!
Now last, but not least, if you want, you can watch the movie I made with our experience, live on Youtube (you will definitely love it): 

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