ABCDE For Young People

31 January 2014
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Training Course – ABCDE For Young People

Description: “ABCDE For Young People – Acting to Belong and Create Diversity in Employment for Young People” was a training course for youth leaders and workers of the third sector (NGOs) who wanted to develop creativity as an essential competence to open the job market.

Aim: The aim of the training course was to gain important skills that can be transmitted in the environment of the project partners. The project took place in Poronin, Poland. The training course lasted 8 days and it involved young people from partners based in Programme Countries [Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Lithuania, Italy, Malta and Estonia]. The main topic was to understand the new paradigm of the youth employment in Europe and how a creative approach, together with the right attitude can open many doors and the market for young people.

The objectives were the following:

  • To point out the connection between diversity societies, creativity approaches and new skills for new job placements;
  • To experience, discuss and share cultural background and self – assess how it can be used as an add value for future employment;
  • To approach different new competences to achieve employment in a creative way;
  • To share different visions and understandings of diversity;
  • To reflect on the notion of European diversity and its underlying features [democracy, tolerance, plurality, human rights];
  • To experience diversity and creativity in practice by simulations, cases and competences development.

Methods: The methods used in the training course were role plays, simulations and group sharing methods as small and large group discussions. All over mission o f the training course was to find the ways how to improve young people chances to succeed in the very dynamic job market.

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