Training courses and workshops

28 April 2018
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28 April 2018, Comments Comments Off on Training courses and workshops

Training courses and workshops
10 regions of Armenia and Yerevan


This project supported 110 young journalists in Armenia to help them identify their community problems and solve them through Mass Media and modern technology.

This project gave an opportunity to get the basic principles of journalistic writing, which enhances young beginner journalists’ capacity to write a feature and an article in a professional way. It contributed to the development and dissemination of free, independent and pluralistic information through applying creative and innovative approaches, thus assisting in the establishment of democratic values, diverse and harmonious development of the society.



  1. To promote youth journalism, research, creative skills improvement by means of information technology;
  2. To create a virtual learning environment via new media possibilities;
  3. To help young rural beginner journalists to explore the endless possibilities of new media and ITC potentiality;
  4. To create a network of young beginner journalists;
  5. To improve social and economic conditions of young beginner journalists.


Results : 

  1. Developed creative and research skills of 300 young beginner journalists;
  2. Increased level of knowledge in the field of journalism by means of the created distance educational process;
  3. Increased level of knowledge of the ICT sector;
  4. Solution of unemployment problem for the successful beneficiaries;
  5. Created a platform to communicate with each other, share ideas among beneficiaries;
  6. Prepared and disseminated information about the Center and its activities;
  7. Familiarized society with articles, materials prepared by our beneficiaries.


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