Youth Exchange: Roma Situation in European Union

27 February 2017
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27 February 2017, Comments Comments Off on Youth Exchange: Roma Situation in European Union

Main aims and objectives:

– To support the creation in Europe of an environment where Roma young people can grow up free from discrimination and confident about their identity and future perspectives while appreciating their history, plural cultural backgrounds, and affiliations as young people, as Roma, as citizens of their countries, and as active Europeans.
– The Seminar and debates on the recognition of Roma identity and a culture of tolerance, integration of life , organised by Roma youth networks in co-operation with other youth organisations in 2017 and 2018.
– To facilitate and enable Roma youth alliances within and outside Roma communities, through new and already existing structures, to mobilise Roma youth, to make their voice heard, and to stake their position in their communities and in European society at large.
-To build on existing programmes and schemes so as to achieve active Roma youth participation in decision-making processes in order to mainstream Roma issues in youth policies, and youth issues in Roma policies and programmes.
-To raise awareness of the human rights situation of young Roma; for NGOs, institutions, and young people to promote, initiate, implement, and monitor local, regional, national, and international actions in order to prevent human rights violations that affect young Roma; and to promote a culture of human rights.

Main topics:

– Roma discrimination in the workplace and fund one solving problems : Clearing and solving the cases in international groups. Solving situations and cases;
– Individual stereotypes of Roma and no Roma . In the “A step forward!” task, the participants find themselves in different situations regarding the stereotypes we discussed and they have to move away from each other on an
imagined path if they have already met these stereotypes in real life. At the end of the game everyone tells they felt in the different roles;
– To increase employment through enhancing: youth activity, early acquisition of work experience and entrepreneurship practices and activation of social policy and welfare beneficiaries.
– Good Practices in Providing Integrated Employment and Social Services in Central and Eastern Europe.

Place of implementation: Letenye, Hungary
Duration:10 - 15 February 2017
Number and profile of participants:30 Voluntary and Roma young people
Type of activity:Youth exchange; Ice-breaking games, team buildings and energizers; Series of workshops and debates;
Theme:Social inclusion and integration; Inclusion of vulnerable groups; Anti-racism and anti-xenophobia; Active Youth Participation; Equality; Diversity; Intercultural dialogue;

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