Democracy Project - You Decide

2 July 2014
2 July 2014, Comments Comments Off on Democracy Project – You Decide

In the project took part 40 youths, aged between 15 and 17, together with 6 leaders, aged between 18 and 30 and 4 decision makers from the two participating countries.


The purpose of the meeting was to identify and promote participative democracy tools, meeting that took place with duration of 5 days in Bansko, Bulgaria. The non-formal methods used were, among others, ice-breakers, energizers, focus-groups, debates, etc.


The objectives of the “You Decide” project were to give 40 participants, in a period of 10 months, tools and ways to help them initiate local youth policies. The project aimed at challenging the young participants to reflect on the concept of European Citizenship, to reflect on citizenship problems and to find solutions to these problems in order to strengthen the role of young people as decision makers in the democracy process.

Place of Implementation:Bansko, Bulgaria
Duration:22-26 September 2013
Main activities:Democracy Project
Organizer:Butterfly Dreamer, Romania
Partner Countries:Bulgaria, Romania

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