Workshops and outdoor sport activities “Sport for social integration”

10 September 2016
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10 September 2016, Comments Comments Off on Workshops and outdoor sport activities “Sport for social integration”
Workshops and outdoor sport activities “Sport for social integration”
Place of implementation: Bulgaria Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Duration:01 June - 31 August 2016
Number and profile of participants:200 Youth people and local communities
Type of activity:Workshops and outdoor sport activities “Sport for social integration” - debates, discussions, workshops, and outdoor sport activities
Theme:Promoting intercultural learning and understanding; Human rights in a European perspective; Strengthening the role of the Civil society; Anti-racism and anti-xenophobia; Inclusion of vulnerable groups

In the period from June to August numerous sport activities related to the active involvement of young people as activities outside of school/university were held. The main theme was Sport for social integration, and the goal was the inclusion of many young people with disabilities and activities supporting specific target groups.

An additional goal was the experiment made to cultivate awareness and acceptance of the “other” as part of the policy of the organization to overcome discriminatory stereotypes and attitudes.

In various countries, different initiatives were held:

In Bulgaria, a two-day soccer tournament – “Football with Cause” involving more than 160 participants was held. The event aimed at increasing the sport and physical activity for young people, additionally, it involved a charity tournament of 3 children with disabilities. Moreover, an auction of various items provided by famous athletes, musicians and public figures was held. As a result of the joint efforts, 10,000 € were collected which were given to 3 children in support for their treatment.

In Serbia, a sport day with debates and sport activities, was held, which involved 90 students from three schools in Nis. The aim of the initiative was to nurture additional skills and interest in sports and healthy lifestyle. Part of the activities was football and basketball games, dietary discussions, conservation of the environment and biodiversity.

In Romania, a meeting between two classes of the Sannikolau Mare high school was held, where 58 youths were united under a common cause – inclusion of minority children in the sports day. The initiative was the integration of young people from minority groups in the community and overcoming stereotypes and negative attitudes.

In Macedonia, the theme of the sport initiatives was dealing with aggression among young people and increasing the effective cooperation among stakeholders to fight aggression in school and every form of intolerance and discrimination. Debates and outdoor sport activities were held with the purpose of overcoming these negative trends among young people. Over 100 youths and students were involved.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a three-day international meeting with 30 participants from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia was held. The meeting discussed problems of the young people and their free time, cultivating an active attitude towards sports and healthy lifestyle, change of attitudes towards disabled people, those from minorities and their active integration in the public life through sport, culture and social activities.


– Creation of positive attitudes towards sports as a way to overcome stereotypes and as a method of healthy lifestyle;

– Involvement of more young people in outdoor activities, sports and healthy eating;

– Positive change of young people towards young people with disabilities or those from minorities;

– Overcoming negative trends such as violence, aggression, intolerance, discrimination;

– Active involvement of over 300 participants in various sport activities, debates, information days;

– Attempt to change the attitudes of the general public through sport, culture and art so that young people with special needs can be integrated and accepted.

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