24 September 2016
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24 September 2016, Comments Comments Off on UNSPOKEN TRUTHS

IDA Network is pleased to present the start of a new project “UNSPOKEN TRUTHS” under the Europe for Citizens Program.

The project aims to encourage informed public debate about the history and legacy of Communism in Europe and in particular the importance of public opposition against the totalitarian regime in the period 1944-1989.

– Make a historical retrospective of national resistance movements against the communist regime in the period 1944-1989 (Goryani Movement BG, Berlinian Uprising (1953) Hungarian Revolution (1956), Sling spring (1968), “Cursed soldiers” PL, “Forest Brothers “LV and EE, Arnautoiu RO) and attempts for their rationalization;
– To analyze the political processes in the period 1944-1989 and their impact on the political and ideological map of modern Europe. Importance of the Helsinki Agreement.
– To initiate debate in European society, leading to further evaluation of Communism, and changes in educational approach to the study of communism in schools and universities.

– Partnership meetings;
– Collection and analysis of materials related to resistance movements against the communist regime in each partner country – archives of the secret services, stories of victims, video and television materials;
– Conducting an international meeting with the participation of historians, experts, public figures associated with the presentation of the material collected and debate. Shaping the storyline and content of the film.
– Creation of a documentary film “Forgotten resistance” with materials from all partner countries;
– Implementation of national debates, workshops, roundtables and distribution of materials and documentary.
– Conducting an international conference “History of the Communist resistance movements in Europe.”

Basic methods: research, collection and processing of data and records, creating a documentary of lectures, presentations, interactive exhibitions, workshops, conferences, dissemination of results and products.
The project includes more than 1,000 direct and 20,000 indirect participants from 8 European countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Germany.

We start with Activity 1 – Partnership meeting, which will be held from 12.10 till 15.10.2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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