Training of Youth Macedonian Muslim leaders

20 July 2016
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20 July 2016, Comments Comments Off on Training of Youth Macedonian Muslim leaders
Training of Youth Macedonian Muslim leaders 

Place of implementation: Skopje, FYROM
Duration:11-14 July 2016
Number and profile of participants:40 Youth Muslim leaders
Type of activity:Training of youth Macedonian Muslim leaders of tomorrow
Theme:Promoting intercultural learning and understanding; Tolerance and respect of human rights; Human Rights; Strengthening the role of Youth NGOs in promoting HR and democratic reform; European Awareness; Dissemination of information on Community action

Macedonian Muslim population is much neglected in the period from Macedonian independence till today.

The main objectives of the training was:

– give a possibility to young Macedonians who are Muslim to get the basic skills in leadership skills

– train them in public speaking and communication skills.

– enable them to meet governmental officials and leaders from Macedonia and be able to learn from their experience and see that its possible to integrate and work in the frame of Macedonian society.

– be able to find new training options for their personal development

The project started with getting to know each other. We started with individual presentation, we continued in groups and presenting each other. This way the young people got more information about themselves and get to know each other.

We continued with presentation of non verbal communication. We focused on kinetics. We had a possibility to ask questions and answers.

Then the young people worked in small groups. They needed to make a press conference about some positive project in the country. The teams had an opportunity to vote on the end. The facilitators give them comments and recommendations on their presentation.

After this we had a session connected with “participation of oung people in the political life from independence till today”. We had two guest who are members of Macedonian parliament. Ms.Nola Ismajloska Starova (muslim) and Vladimir Gjorcev (Christian). They talked about the participation of youth and importance of youth activism and leadership. The MPs gave some information about their political party and the politics of inclusion towards Muslims in their party. On the end of the presentation, young people had an opportunity to ask questions and open discussion with MPs. After this, we had a short workshop on European Institutions where participants needed to inform us about the different institutions. After this session, the young people got introduced with European Funds and possibilities in Macedonia and EU for young people. This was presented to them by two experts in the field Mr.Boshko Nelkoski and Mr.Jovan Poposki.

At the end, all participants received a certificate for their participation.


– The main result was to built competence among youth workers and youth leaders in the field of human rights, tolerance, empathy and acceptance of diversity;

– 40 participants were trained on how to successfully overcome emerging conflicts at the local level, based on the prejudices of local communities and discrimination against people of different ethnicity and religion;

– Tools to transfer the acquired skills that the participants got, back to the communities where they live, work and interact with other citizens, were provided.

During the meeting a presentation of the Erasmus + program, was made as well as visualization of materials.

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