Training Course - Stand Up For Equality

15 March 2014
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“Stand Up For Equality” was a training course for peer educators during 7 days, including 24 participants from 6 countries (Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Poland, Spain and Bulgaria).

The objectives of the training were:

  • To educate young people and transfer the methodology of “Hate Fighters” program – use of peer education and dance to combat social exclusion, marginalization and discrimination;
  • To increase the number of the organizations that use “Hate Fighters” program in the work in the local communities;
  • To network young people from different countries and promote fight against discrimination, marginalization and social inclusion;
  • To provide participants with basic knowledge and information about Erasmus +, EVS and Youth pass. The program “Hate Fighters” engages young people in an inspiring way to address social issues through education and action.

The program has a few steps:

The first step was educational part, a set of peer education workshops where participants learned basic things about stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, marginalized groups and their human rights, as well as how to promote equal rights for everyone and social inclusion. It is followed by dance workshops where participants learned choreography. Final step was the action in the town, where participants done a flash mob using the choreography they learned. Once the training course is finished, participants are trained as peer educators who are able to multiply the program and work with youth on the local level, using the same, unique methodology.

Place of Implementation:Kavadarci, Macedonia
Duration:02-09 March 2014
Main activities:Training Course
Partner Countries:Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Poland, Spain and Bulgaria

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