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29 April 2013
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Youth Exchange: Sorry…I am a Gipsy

Aim: The youth exchange “Sorry…I am a Gipsy” is promoted by the organization “Work in Progress” in order to raise awareness and combat prejudices and stereotypes against Roma and Sinti. Several local municipalities of the Province of Lecce and Employability Center of Lecce are supporting the project involving the Roma Communities in our territory. A 8 days youth exchange during which 36 participa nts of different countries work together on intercultural learning of young people through theatre in order to achieve a common objective. The discussion will focus on a key concept: education in relation to the needs of a complex society, the social probl ems, physical and mental. From this reflection will result several product according to each workshops that will show a culture, the Roma, and playing with its stereotypes, will put into question the blurred border between fiction and reality. 36 young peo ple will be offering a glimpse of a culture in the prejudices, the stereotypes of a racism that involves the European consciousness against Roma people.


  • Learn more about Roma culture;
  • Discover the intercultural richness through interactive methods;
  • Promotion of the “Youth in Action” program;
  • Exchange points of view with experts and Roma representatives;
  • Use intercultural dialogue as a tool to understand Roma background and realize their European identity;
  • Learn more about other European cultures;
  • Get to know more about Lecce territory.

Themes: Roma people, Roma culture, intercultural dialogue

Methodology: The programme incorporated a methodology designed to ensure the basic principles of active participation, holistic learning, intercult ural learning, as group work, group activities, presentations, workshops and personal assignments. The programme also provided space to share experience and know – how.

Number of participants: 31

Profile of participants: In General all the participants in the training courses should be: youth people | workers | leaders directly working with Roma people in their own communities, – interested in the topic of Roma culture , – motivated to participate actively in the youth exchange during the entire course, – stay active after the exchange and develop concrete activities on local level with the support of sending organization.

Place of implementation: Lecce, Italy
Duration:15-22 April 2013
Main activities:8 Days Youth Exchange For Youth People From The EU And EECA Countries
Organizer:Work in Progress; International Development Alliance
Partner countries:

Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic

Donor:EACEA, Youth in Action

Photos from the project:

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