Recycle in New Lights

15 April 2014
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Project “Recycle in New Lights” was an idea of young people interested in ecology and sustainable development, who willing to connect different points of view and to discus topics of recycling, responsibility and innovation in approach to ecological challenges, bringing together different types of identification and understanding of the problem trough different countries. Aiming to incorporate European awareness on cultural differences and similarity, social inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities, trough discussion and workshops that have the ecology and sustainable growth as the main topic.

The whole exchange was based on the idea of discussing the theme of recycling and environmental preservation by using improperly discarded materials and turning them something useful in this case into lighting items such as lamps and chandeliers.

Venue was Bar (coast Montenegro) lasting for 9 working days, where 30 youngsters and 6 youth leaders came from EU and Balkan countries + Montenegro, met through workshops, creative presentation and discussions, aiming to reach understanding, develop solidarity, promote tolerance and see cultural diversity trough intercultural dialogue.

Youth Exchage will be hosted and organised by Volunteers Initiative Podgorica (VIP) with support of Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission / EU.

Place of Implementation:Ulcinj, Montenegro
Duration:01 – 10 April 2014
Main activities:Youth Exchange
Organizer:Volunteers Initiative Podgorica (VIP)
Partner Countries:---------------


Videos from the Youth exchange:

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