Project "Power of Democracy" - training course and workshops

24 April 2016
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24 April 2016, Comments Comments Off on Project “Power of Democracy” – training course and workshops
Project “Power of Democracy” – training course and workshops

Place of implementation: Tsaghkadzor, Armenia
Duration:25 -27 March 2016 and 10-12 April 2016
Number and profile of participants:40 Youth people form Armenia
Type of activity:"Power of Democracy" – training course and workshops
Theme:Promoting intercultural learning and understanding; Tolerance and respect of human rights; Human Rights; Strengthening the role of Youth NGOs in promoting HR and democratic reform; European Awareness; Dissemination of information on Community action

“Zartonk-89” NGO implemented the “Power of Democracy” project in 2 communities in Armenia. 14-20 year regional young people motivated, active and believing democracy establishment in Armenia were selected as the target group. The course was implemented with the help of non-formal educational methodology – interactive games.

 The course educates young people in mediating conflicts that are part of every day’s life in regions where people with different ethnic, cultural and/or religious backgrounds are living. The course will teach 40 young people in tools for conflict resolution and peace building methods. After the meeting participants shall be able to take over the moderating role in the future international youth projects dealing with conflict resolution.

Young people from these regions will be trained in mediation and moderation of conflict solution processes on a very concrete and base-lined level in schools and other local communities where young people come together. Aim is to help the people that live in conflict regions to overcome their prejudices and enable them to get into an open-minded discussion with the other population groups in order to create a peaceful atmosphere with tolerance and mutual cultural understanding. The approach behind the training course is to act mainly on young people between school age and 25 years as they are considered to be more open-minded and willing to put in question traditional prejudices.

The target group of the training course is well defined: it is directed to young people who shall be enabled to take over mediation role in conflicts between groups of young people. By directing towards young people which are the future of their communities, the training can contribute to the peace building processes in different, nowadays conflictuous areas in Europe.

After the training course the participants will have a profound level of knowledge about discrimination, xenophobia and related issues and how they influence conflicts. The young people will possess skills and knowledge needed for running autonomous conflict solution projects on their local level.


– Sensitization of young people towards the fight against racism, conflict resolution and peace-building;

– Providing the opportunity for young people to meet new, different and innovative views, approaches and methods in the process of the settlement of a conflict;

– Creating knowledge and skills for youth leaders when leading campaigns, projects and initiatives related the topics;

Trained more than 40 youths as mediators and multipliers of ideas and objectives set in the project and distributors of the project results.

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