Multipliers For Peace In 3 Steps

14 June 2013
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Training Course: Multipliers For Peace In 3 Steps

Aim: During the training course the participants were involved in a series of activities in order to achieve the creation of a peace – based society through the use of various methods of non-formal education and psychotherapy (role – plays, workshops, discussions, case studies and experimental learning). The participants had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and to develop skills and attitudes for the development of a mentality of peace through innovative methods which consist of three steps: making peace with yourself, making peace with the society the environment and making peace between the countries. The methods and tools of non – formal education and of human rights education were used as means for the development of a peace culture, based on non – violence, the respect of life, freedom, justice, solidarity, tolerance, human rights and gender equality, as a way of life. Finally, the participants had the opportunity to plan new projects, corresponding to the particular needs of their civil societies and to the challeng es of international cooperation.


  • To develop their attitudes on peace culture and how to solve social problems by non – violence methods;
  • To change their perspectives for the social minorities in the society in order to support their human rights needs;
  • To fight their own prejudices and stereotypes in order to turn to multipliers of human rights and peace;
  • To educate on non – formal education and how to appl y those methods on main stream education;
  • To raise awareness on social issues and learn about the social problems and how to organise problems in order to promote human rights and peace education;

The participants were:

  • Young people coming from post – conflict regions and from the countries targeted above;
  • Age: 18 – 30;
  • With strong interest and / or experience in the topic was required;
  • Committed to participate in the activities of the seminar.
Place of implementation: Halkidiki, Greece
Duration:20-30 May 2013
Main activities:Training Course
Organizer:United Societies of Balkans, Greece
Partner countries:Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Denmark

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