International training for youth leaders, trainers, educators and experts

27 February 2017
27 February 2017, Comments Comments Off on International training for youth leaders, trainers, educators and experts

Place of implementation: Sofia, Bulgaria
Duration:11 - 18 February 2017
Number and profile of participants:30 Youth leaders, workwrs, trainres, LAs
Type of activity:Conducting the first international training course for 30 youth trainers and leaders of organizations; Training and capacity-building course for youth workers, youth organisations and multipliers; Educational lectures and workshops; Promotion and support to possibilities for application
Theme:Non-formal and informal learning and activity programmes targeted at young people; Local Democracy and Youth Participation; Participation in EU Programs - Training Course; Strengthening the role of the Youth NGOs in democratic reform; Capacity Building

International training with youth leaders, trainers, educators, experts with 30 participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Brazil and Japan.

The training was held in two phases:

1) 3 days was focused on training and providing participants with the necessary and adequate information (methodical instructions), knowledge, skills and competencies for work with young people with disabilities and special needs.

2) 3 days was focused on training for work with local and State entities, employers, other NGO’s, media. Advocacy and protection-Youth leaders as mediators between young people with disabilities and the responsible institutions. Methods: Ice‐breakers, energizers; Inputs from experts; Simulations, role plays; Intercultural and experiential learning; Variety of visuals for thematic input; Brainstorming and discussions both in working groups and in plenary.

Results: Implemented and tried in real situation methods and materials for the training of the youth mediators, leaders and municipal employees, which are easily applicable and multiplication to other projects and training’s; Developed critical thinking and gained knowledge/competencies in the work with young people with special needs and disabilities; Conducted one training course; Educated more than 30 youth workers and leaders; Certification of 30 participants as young mediators; Application of methodology of ways and educational materials during the training; Conducted 1 press conference during the time of the training.


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