Information campaign "Play for Inclusion"

10 February 2017
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Campaign “Play for Inclusion”, which will be implemented in 7 countries – Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece and Italy.

In each country will be organized one-day local Info workshop. The main topic of the work will be how young people can promote social inclusion of youth at risk and juvenile delinquents through sport and games. They will also develop the plan for the Inclusive Month of Sport awareness campaign.

Main topics of Info workshop will be: Importance of youth active participation in society dealing with social issues such as social inclusion of youth at risk and juvenile delinquents; Risky life styles/Most common reasons for anti-social behavior; How to include our excluded peers through sport

Bulgaria – The awareness day of the project took place on the 6th of January 2017 at the National Sports Academy in Sofia which set the project activities on national level. 30 participants got involved in the event, teachers from the National Sports Academy and volunteers. The main working theme was focused on how young people can promote social inclusion of youths at risk and children with antisocial behavior through sports and games.

During the awareness day the project “Play for Inclusion” was presented, as well as, a short lecture on “Volunteering in Sport” and discussions on: the importance of active youth involvement in social issues related to social inclusion of youths at risk and children with antisocial behavior; risk lifestyle and the most common causes of antisocial behavior; how to include excluded young people at risk through sports and games.

At the end of the day a plan of activities for the implementation of the Month of Sport within the project was made and promotional materials and videos were discussed that will be used to promote sports activities.

Place of implementation: Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece, Italy
Duration:20 - 30 January 2017
Number and profile of participants:150 Youth in risk, youth workers, volunteers, youth
Type of activity:Info days and workshops; Organization of happening and street activities; Series of workshops and debates; Sports, exercises, games; active learning methods, educational tools, outdoor activities, group building activities, simulation; Distribution of materials and information campaigns
Theme:Promoting intercultural learning and understanding; Tolerance and respect of human rights; Strengthening the role of Youth NGOs in promoting HR and democratic reform; European Awareness; Social inclusion and integration; Inclusion of vulnerable groups

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