Inclusive month of sport

27 February 2017
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The month of the sport is focused on the organization of the sport events that will promote social inclusion of youth at risk and juvenile delinquents and giving alternative to risky life styles of young people though being active in sports. Sport events can include organization of the activities such as: Football matches; Volleyball matches; Small athletic competitions; Martial arts show cases, fairs, competitions; Individual sports; Sport workshops in the clubs; Street actions.

Month of the sport

Event 1 – Football Tournament

The first activity from the Month of Sport took place on the 14th and 15th of January 2017 as a part of a charity campaign “Football with a cause” from Football Club “Tornado – 2013”.

The tournament was attended by 8 teams with over 100 people and 50 supporters and spectators. The team of the project “Play for Inclusion” won the first place.

Event 2 – Tennis Tournament

The second activity from the Month of Sport took place on 28.01.2017 in Sofia.

The tournament was held in a collaboration with Sports Club “Fuutura sport” who have experience in the organization of amateur tournaments in tennis and table tennis, as well as conducting charity football tournaments.

The tournament was attended by 50 students and youths, who played for pleasure and showed that sport can bring many positive emotions and to reduce stress and aggression.


Event 3 – Judo Camp

The third activity from the Month of Sport was a judo camp that took place in the period between 15-19.02.2017 in Nis, Serbia and was organized by KOM018 and Judo Club “Kinesis”. Judo players from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosna and Herzegovina participated in the activities. During the camp, many demonstrations and competitions of Martial arts were held were the participants showed sportsmanship and fair play.



Event 4 – Football Tournament

The fourth activity was again associated with a football tournament that took place on 03.03.2017 at the sport fields in the city of Bankya. The tournament was attended by male and female teams with over 100 players and spectators.

The tournament aimed to present football as a game that does not allow the lack of sportsmanship and team spirit and that it can be not only a male but also a female game, which shows tolerance towards gender equality.


Event 5 – Workouts and demonstrations of Martial arts

The fifth activity was associated with workouts and demonstrations of Shotokan, that took place between 10-11.03.2017 with the help of Karate Club Fighters NSA. The idea behind these workouts and demonstrations was to show the wisdom contained of Martial arts.

Through them young people learn that not only the body is being trained but also the spirit. The Martial arts are a philosophy and a discipline where you learn that “good technique always beats power” and that “not everyone who hurts you, is your enemy” because only in Martial arts two people hug after they have fought. They are a mean to turn aggression into an active energy.

The event was attended by over 90 children and 40 spectators and supporters.


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Place of implementation: Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece, Italy
Duration:01 February - 31 March 2017
Number and profile of participants:500 Youth in risk, youth workers, volunteers, youth
Type of activity:Sport activities, workshops, campaign; Series of workshops and debates; Indoor and outdoor sport activities; Networking
Theme:Sport and inclusion; Promoting intercultural learning and understanding; Tolerance and respect; European Awareness; Social inclusion and integration; Inclusion of vulnerable groups.

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