IDA Network -Board meetings

31 December 2018
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31 December 2018, Comments Comments Off on IDA Network -Board meetings

IDA Network -Board meetings
Sofia, Bulgaria

In the period between April and December 6 meetings between the members of the Board and the members of the branches were held. 6 informational and organizational meetings were organized. At the meetings were discussed problems at a local level in the branches, increasing the member table, developing the activity on a local level and interaction with local authorities and other youth organizations, participation in initiative in other branches (national and European level), participation in programmes and projects of partners, technical and organizational help when developing projects and suggestions.

Between 10 and 13.12.2018 was held 1 regular meeting of the Board of the organization members and supporters.

It lasted up to 2-3 working days. The program included watching operational tasks approvement discussion and action plan, approval of reports on a branch meetings of the organization (local) with members of the organization, meetings with representatives of other youth and civic organizations, local authorities and media.



Approval of the report on the activities of the organization for 2018; Promote concrete actions for the development of the organization, development of ideas and proposals on various European and national programs for projects; Participation in projects and initiatives of other international affiliates and partners.

Meetings between members of the organization, as well as representatives of local organizations and authorities. Development of the annual program for 2019 and preparation of a strategic action plan for the 2019-2020, meetings between members of the organization and representatives of local organizations and services.



  1. Enhanced capacity of the organization, with more than 18 new organizations joining the network;
  2. Increased level of coordination and exchange between the various members of the network, through which members gained easy access to partnering and participation in joint projects;
  3. The development of the network enabled the organization to gain greater publicity, participation in various advisory groups at government level and participation in youth policy and legislation formation;
  4. Networking as an active distributor of youth ideas and messages.


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