Future Will Come With Employment

5 May 2014
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Future Will Come With Employment

About Project: It has been shown that a particular segment of the society, mainly being the youth, is more affected by unemployment than the others. Today, the unemployment of youth is one of the most important issue throughout both our country and Europe. Therefore, the countries consider on the subject and follow a series of different policies reflecting their own sociocultural identities, educational systems, and institutions of labor market in order to enable the youth integrated into labor markets. Public institutions, organizations and youth groups researching over this area at European scales suggest some solution offers against the problem and develop a cooperation together. Thus, it is obvious to realize the fact that a more sustainable and more efficient results could be obtained. Our resultant purpose is to build young co-operations over necessary tasks in order to be able to perform quality and continuous projects over a long-term period of time at our meeting in Diyarbakır, the economical and cultural capital city of southeast of our country, where the unemployment and similar problems of youth is much remarkable.

To achieve this goal was discussed in detail the phenomenon of youth unemployment. A number of 26 participants from 9 countries and 11 different organizations/youth group will take place in our project considered to involve common educational methods, discussion sessions, outdoor activities, games, workshops and artistic activities. Also trainers, expert will contribute to processes. At the end of the meeting, the participant individuals and corporations are likely to gained some important deductions such as contribution of capacity building, opportunity for developing a cooperation between the youth and the organizations running in both the European Union members and candidate countries, learning good practices, developing a long-term and fresh co-operations with innovative approaches, and contribution to the problem of youth unemployment.

Place of implementation: Diyarbakır, Turkey
Duration:25 – 30 April 2014
Main activities:-----------------
Partner countries:

Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom

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