Cultural workshops, presentations, Info days and interactive workshops of culture heritage

10 July 2016
10 July 2016, Comments Comments Off on Cultural workshops, presentations, Info days and interactive workshops of culture heritage
Cultural workshops, presentations, Info days and  interactive workshops of culture heritage

During the period 15.01 – 01.07.2016, two workshops were conducted (one in Greece and one in Bulgaria), the subject of which was “Tolerance, Culture and Art”. The main purpose was the acquaintance of national cultures and participation of young people in activities related to creativity and art.

The youth workshop in Bulgaria was attended by young people between 15-25 years old, where the main topics were: the acquisition of key competences and skills of young people through their active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity by means of art.

Different thematic workshops, visits to various cultural attractions, flash mobs, dance performances, art workshop and exhibitions were conducted. We have also presented a video of how the workshop has been carried out, what emotions and ideas were born during this time and how the participants reached their final ideas.

The youth workshop in Greece was an informational campaign related to opportunities for young people in the field of intercultural interaction between different ethnic groups in the country, opportunities for developing and implementing cultural exchanges and initiatives under the Erasmus + program. The main emphasis was put on opportunities for integration for young disadvantaged people through arts and culture and their direct participation in various international projects. During the meeting, participants spoke about their ideas and concepts in regard to the implementation of their projects.

The aim of the various initiatives was to show that through various forms of arts, young people can express their opinion and civil position on topics such as tolerance, dialogue and acceptance.

After a summary of the results and a feedback from the participants – several proposals as recommendations and guidelines for future initiatives were formed, namely:

  • Creating more opportunities for the participation of young artists in various fields and promoting their work through specialized publications and galleries, days of youth work, local, national and international festivals, etc.;
  • Full utilization of the system of twin towns for cultural exchanges and familiarization of cultural heritage and contemporary art of other nations;
  • Arts and culture to be closer to young people through traveling exhibitions and performances in smaller settlements and schools;

During the activities, as well as on all advertising and promotional materials emphasis was placed on the importance of Erasmus+ program as a powerful tool for the implementation of youth projects in arts and intercultural understanding.

Place of implementation: Pallini, Greece and Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Duration:15 January -01 July 2016
Number and profile of participants:54 Youth people from Greece and Bulgaria
Type of activity:Cultural workshops, presentations, Info days and interactive workshops of culture heritage
Theme:Active Youth Participation; Equality; Diversity; Culture; Inclusion; Intercultural dialogue; Respect

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